Frequently Asked Questions

Ordered before 23:59 = delivered tomorrow:

*The following applies to our empty glass jars: Ordered before 15:00 on working days, delivered the same day.

Disclaimer: We do everything we can to deliver your order on time. However, in a few cases it is possible that the delivery is delayed. If you have a question about a product, we are happy to advise you. On this page you can send us a message.

Would you rather contact us by telephone? Then we can be reached on 06 - 101 66 497. New products are usually added to our webshop. So let us know what you are looking for on this page and we will help you find the right product. We are regularly asked whether sugar is added to our honey. Our honey does not contain any added (crystal) sugars.

At the end of the *bee season, the beekeepers harvest honey for the last time. After this harvest there is insufficient gestation to overwinter for the bee colony. Beekeepers feed the bees a special solution of sugar water to get them through the winter. If we didn't do this, the bee colony would die.

The sugar water fed in the autumn is guaranteed not to end up in the honey.

Nowhere are there beekeepers who do not feed their bees but do harvest honey, not even the local beekeeper. Whoever says this cannot be trusted in advance.

*Bee Season= Mid March - September

*Gestation = Nectar-rich plants, shrubs or trees All good honey will eventually crystallize. This natural process is also called 'saccharification'. One type of honey does this a bit faster than the other. Crystallization means the final stage of development in the raw honey.

Crystallized honey can easily be liquefied again by placing it in lukewarm water (the water should not be too hot). You can also put the honey pot on the heating for a few days, this way is of course less controllable. Note: Honey loses many of its healthy properties if it is heated from a temperature of about 45 degrees.

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