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9 things you should know about Propolis

artikel over 9 dingen die je moet weten over propolis

Curious about a natural product with countless applications? Then propolis might be something for you! Propolis has been used by people all over the world for thousands of years. In this blog we therefore share 9 things you should know about propolis, including what it is, the different types of products and the use. Learn more by reading on!

What is propolis?
How is it made?
How is it harvested?
How long has propolis been used?
What kind of products are there?
How do you use these products?
When are you allergic?
Why use Propolis

Where can you buy Propolis?

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a sticky, resinous substance produced by honey bees . It has a yellow to dark brown color. The color largely depends on which trees and flower buds the bees have visited. It is mainly used to repair damage to the hive and keep the hive clean. That is why it is also called bee kit or bee glue. The word "propolis" itself comes from Greek and means "the entrance to the city", which refers to the role of this particular substance in the beehive. It is of the utmost importance to the bees that only desirable visitors can enter their hive, so they use this substance to seal cracks and crevices, thus keeping access to their "city" exclusively for themselves.

How is it made?

It is made by honeybees that collect resinous materials from the buds, bark and leaves of certain trees and plants, such as poplar, birch and pine. The bees then add enzymes, beeswax and pollen to the resin and mix it thoroughly to make it a sticky and resinous substance. It is therefore completely natural and is carried out by the bees themselves. It may vary slightly depending on the types of trees and plants available in the area and the needs of the bee colony. In addition to being used by bees, propolis is also used in nutritional supplements, cosmetics and oral care products.

How is it harvested?

One of the ways to harvest it is to place a special propolis plate on top of the windows in the hive. This plate has all kinds of small holes, so the bees want to have this closed faster. Using this method allows beekeepers to collect it easily as it is easy to scrape off the plate once collected. This is a practical method for harvesting on a larger scale. Another and a somewhat more accessible way is to look for this in the beehive. It can be found in various places, such as on the lids, in the corners and on the frames. It may take a little more time and patience to collect propolis this way, but it can be a good option for beekeepers who need less. For both cases, beekeepers use special tools, such as a propolis scraper or scraper, with which they can gently scrape the propolis.

How long has it been used?

Propolis is a substance that has been used by humans for thousands of years. It was used by the ancient Egyptians in their embalming techniques and by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese as a material for various applications. It was also used for various applications in the Middle Ages. Later it was used in alternative medicine and today it is still widely used in various products for human use, such as nutritional supplements, cosmetics and oral care products.

What kind of products are there?

There are several products available that are made from propolis. Below are some examples: 1. Propolis tincture 30% : This is a mixture of a high concentration of propolis and alcohol in a bottle. The 30% refers to the propolis concentration of the product. 2. Propolis drops (10%), without alcohol : Instead of alcohol, water is used to dissolve the propolis. An ideal choice for people who prefer not to use alcohol. 3. Propolis Capsules : The capsules consist of powdered ground propolis packed in a capsule. They provide a convenient and easy way to add propolis to your daily routine. 4. Propolis Ointment 30% : The 30% concentration of propolis makes it quite a thick ointment. As a result, you only need a little and it lasts a long time.

How do you use these products?

Since there are different types of propolis products available, it is important to know the correct directions for use for each product. For this reason, we have prepared a handy schedule with the correct dosage and instructions for use for each propolis product.



Operating instructions

Propolis tincture 30%

4-5 drops at a time, a maximum of 2x per day.

In your favorite drink, through the yoghurt, on a piece of bread or on a sugar cube.

Propolis drops alcohol-free

4-5 drops at a time, a maximum of 2x per day.

In your favorite drink, through the yoghurt, on a piece of bread or on a sugar cube.

Propolis capsules

3 capsules per day, preferably before meals.

Swallow with a drink of water.

Propolis ointment 30%

Enough to cover the desired area.

Apply a thin layer and let it absorb well.

Note: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children. If you have a known allergy to bee products, such as honey or pollen, it is advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using them. TIP: Visit the home doctor 's website to find out if you are allergic.

When are you allergic?

It is possible to be allergic to propolis. Although it is rare, occurring in only about 1.3% of the population, some people experience an allergic reaction after contact with the substance. People who are allergic to bee products, such as honey, beeswax, or bee venom, may also be allergic to propolis, as it also comes from bees. When in doubt, we always recommend seeking medical advice. Do you want to do an allergy test yourself despite the advice? Then follow the 3 steps below:
  1. Apply a small amount of propolis to the inside of your elbow or wrist.
  2. Leave it on for at least 1 hour.
  3. Check the area for any signs of an allergic reaction, such as redness, swelling, itching, rash, and swelling.

Why use propolis?

Propolis is a natural and safe bee product that has been integrated into their daily routine by many of our customers and is highly valued. It is available in different shapes and therefore versatile in use . Are you looking for a natural bee product that you can easily add to your daily routine? Then propolis is an excellent choice!

Where can you buy propolis?

At Honingdirect you are at the right place if you are looking for high quality propolis. Our beekeeping arose from a hobby and has since grown into a household name. We have a wide range of propolis products for everyone. If you order on working days before 23:59, you will receive your order the next day. We understand that you may sometimes have questions about the use, dosage and product choice of propolis. That is why we are always ready to help you. Don't wait any longer and add propolis to your daily routine today!

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