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Yogurt Bowl with Acacia Honey

recept om een yoghurt bowl met acaciahoning te maken

A yogurt bowl with acacia honey is a tasty way to start your day. Acacia honey is a unique type of honey that comes from the acacia tree. It is light in taste and has a subtle floral taste, perfect for combining with yogurt. In this blog post we show you how to make a yogurt bowl with acacia honey.

Why choose yogurt for breakfast?
Why use acacia honey?
Add fresh fruit for extra nutritional value
Add extra brunch with granola or nuts


• 250 grams of yoghurt
• 2 tablespoons of acacia honey
• Fresh fruit of your choice (eg redcurrants and blueberries)
• Optional: granola or nuts for extra crunch (eg walnuts, almonds, pistachio and hazelnuts)


• Combine the yogurt and acacia honey in a bowl and mix well.
• Add the fresh fruit and mix again.
• Optionally add granola or nuts for extra crunch.
• Serve in a bowl and enjoy your yogurt bowl with acacia honey.

Why choose yogurt for breakfast?

Breakfast with yogurt can be responsible, because it contains many good nutrients such as vitamins B12 and B2. In addition, yogurt is also rich in protein and calcium. Do not take 'Full' yogurt, because it contains a lot of saturated fats and these are not good for your health. Fruit yogurts taste great, but contain a lot of sugars. Go for semi-skimmed or low-fat yogurt!

Why Choose Acacia Honey?

Acacia honey is a good choice if you are looking for a natural sweetener. Unlike other flavors of honey, acacia honey is one of the sweetest varieties. This means you need to use less to achieve the same sweetness. Besides the fact that acacia honey is a natural sweetener, you will also find it very useful in terms of use. This type of honey is very liquid and will not crystallize quickly. So you can store it for a long time and pour it into your yogurt whenever it suits you.

Add fresh fruit for extra nutritional value

By adding fresh fruit to your yogurt bowl, you add extra nutritional value. Fresh fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Strawberries, for example, are a good source of vitamin C and manganese. The latter is especially important, our body does not produce this, but it is essential for us. Berries are rich in vitamin K and anthocyanins, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. By adding fresh fruit, you make your yogurt bowl even healthier.


Acacia honey is not only a natural sweetener, but also remains liquid for a long time. It gives the yogurt bowl a subtle sweetness and floral taste. All in all, a yogurt bowl with acacia honey is a tasty way to start your day. Try out the recipe and add fruit, granola or nuts to taste for extra nutritional value and taste.

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