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What is MGO in Manuka honey?

Uitleg van wat MGO is in Manuka honing

Manuka honey is a unique type of honey from New Zealand and Australia . An important factor in the power of Manuka honey is the MGO content. But what exactly is MGO and how are the MGO values ​​determined? In this blog post we take a closer look at that.

What is MGO?
How were the MGO values ​​determined?
What is the difference between UMF and MGO?
The future of MGO as benchmark
What is the difference between honey with and without MGO?
Why manuka honey at

What is MGO?

MGO stands for methylglyoxal , a compound found in manuka honey . When we look at what the substance means scientifically, we see that it originated from a natural compound. This has happened during the metabolism of sugars. Methylglyoxal is also present in coffee, beer, cheese, and even in our own urine. However, it is rich in manuka honey. It is precisely this substance that makes manuka honey so popular.

How are the MGO values ​​determined?

The MGO value of Manuka honey is measured in milligrams per kilogram and indicates how much methylglyoxal is present in the honey. Determining the MGO value of Manuka honey is done by means of a test in the laboratory. This test measures the amount of methylglyoxal in the honey and then gives a number indicated in the MGO scale. The MGO value of Manuka honey can therefore vary depending on the quality of the honey. Higher MGO values ​​often mean that the honey is of higher quality. We ourselves sell Manuka honey of 100+ , 250+ and 550+ .

What is the difference between UMF and MGO?

It is generally believed that there is a relationship between UMF and MGO, as both measures are related to specifically measuring certain properties of Manuka honey. This means that a higher UMF value usually corresponds to a higher MGO value and vice versa. However, it is important to note that UMF and MGO are not completely interchangeable as they measure different properties.

The future of MGO as a yardstick

The demand for Manuka honey with a high MGO content continues to increase as consumers are increasingly interested in this honey. This means there will be an ongoing demand for a reliable and accurate way to assess the quality of Manuka honey. Overall, it seems likely that the MGO measure will continue to play an important role in assessing the quality of Manuka honey in the years to come. But there is also room for improvement and development of new standards that better map the complex chemical properties of this special honey.

What is the difference between honey with and without MGO?

Manuka honey contains a higher concentration of methylglyoxal than honey without MGO. Honey without MGO can indeed contain MGO, depending on the type and quality of the honey. For example , the flower honey harvested from the Netherlands is in some cases better recommended. This is due to the pollen grains present in the honey. For example, some types of honey, such as acacia or rapeseed honey, have a lower concentration of methylglyoxal. However, they do contain other substances. Honey without MGO can therefore certainly be useful if you are looking for a natural sweetener or for other applications.

Why manuka honey at

High quality with certainty: At you buy high quality manuka honey from New Zealand. Our honey contains a track and trace system on the top of the jar, which means you can trace the product back to the exact place where it was harvested. This way you can be sure that you are buying authentic, honest manuka honey. Certified: Our products are also certified, which means that they meet high quality requirements. At we only sell raw, unprocessed manuka honey, so that you are assured that you are buying a pure, natural honey. Passion for honey: Our small company was born out of a hobby and love for beekeeping. We are therefore not a large, anonymous organization, but a team of enthusiastic honey lovers. That is why the quality of the honey is extremely important to us. Delivered tomorrow: As icing on the cake, we also offer super fast delivery. If you order before 23:59 on working days, your order will be delivered the next day. So you can enjoy your manuka honey in a very short time!

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