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How do you maintain mango wood with beeswax?

Een blogartikel over hoe je mangohout kunt behandelen met bijenwas

You have been very happy with your mango wood table for years. You still get compliments from visitors. The timeless tabletop has proven itself for years to be particularly dent and scratch resistant. Still, it's important to give your table the love it deserves. Even now, bees prove to be indispensable, because you can easily keep your mango wood alive with beeswax .

What is mango wood?
How do you maintain mango wood with beeswax?
What are the benefits of beeswax for tango wood?
What kind of beeswax to use?

Where to buy beeswax for mango wood?

What is mango wood?

Mango wood is a type of wood that comes from the mango tree . This type of wood is suitable for use in furniture. Mango wood is relatively cheaper than many other types of wood, because the mango trees grow relatively faster and require little maintenance. Mango wood is a type of hardwood and these often have a high density and are very strong.

How do you maintain mango wood with beeswax?

Of course we knew that bees are useful for our health and for the flora and fauna. The fact that bees can also help with the maintenance of our furniture was probably still a poorly kept secret. Mango wood can be maintained particularly well with beeswax. Beeswax is a natural product with no chemical composition. It is therefore excellent to treat your furniture in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. To keep your mango wood furniture beautiful, it is wise to follow the following step-by-step plan from Honingdirect .
1. First clean your table from dust and grease with a damp cloth;
2. Once the table is thoroughly dry, apply a thin layer of beeswax with a dry, clean cloth. Rub the thin layer of beeswax in the direction of the grain of the mango wood. A thin layer of beeswax is enough to get the powerful effect;

3. Let the beeswax dry for a few minutes and then rub it again with a dry cloth. The mango wood is well absorbed by the beeswax;
4. Allow the beeswax to dry thoroughly before placing anything on the furniture.
Your mango wood furniture looks more lively and can last for a while.

What are the benefits of beeswax for mango wood?

Beeswax has several benefits for mango wood. For example, it protects your mango wood furniture against dust and dirt through the thin layer of beeswax. This thin layer also provides a beautiful shine and keeps your piece of furniture beautiful for longer. Beeswax also has a water-repellent effect, so if you forget to place a coaster, water rings will not immediately immortalize in your piece of furniture.

What kind of beeswax to use for mango wood?

There are two types of beeswax you can use to liven up your mango wood furniture. These are the beeswax white and brown . The only difference between these products is the color.
They both make your wooden furniture and floors shine. In this way they ensure that small irregularities and damage are no longer visible. There is also a natural shine on the furniture. Beeswax for furniture and floors is a natural maintenance product without chemicals.

Where do you buy beeswax?

You can buy the best beeswax easily and quickly online at Honingdirect. We have both white and brown wax in our range. If you place your order before 23:59, we will do our best to deliver your products the next day. Orders from €49,- will be shipped to you free of charge. For questions about the products you can contact us. We answer your questions and give you expert advice.

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